The Claremont Mental Health Initiative

The Claremont Mental Health Initiative is a 7C student-led project dedicated to improving access to mental health resources at the 7C’s and beyond. We started in 2018 and have grown to 180+ members on Facebook, and spent the past couple of years developing and implementing a survey with help from the heads of Monsour, faculty, and students across the colleges. The survey received over 300 responses before closing due to COVID. 

This semester we have shifted to supporting students virtually, and have launched our website with over 150 mental health resources, a remote learning survey check-in (in collaboration with HEO), and information about our new advisory board. This student board will be working with the JED committee, a chapter of faculty and administration from the 7C’s dedicated towards improving mental health resources across the campuses, to help the administration better understand students’ needs .

Overall we’re hoping to create sustainable structures to facilitate communication between students and faculty to better address students’ mental health needs. We are student led and would love to have your input. Feel free to join us on Facebook or Instagram (@7c_mhi), or send us a quick email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Below are some images from our website. We were also featured by TSL last semester on the survey we were working on. Additionally, included are some screenshots from the Hive’s December 2020 newsletter, the Buzz. We were funded by them to launch our website!

Rachel Miller, PZ ’20

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