Reflections on a Waterfall

By Phoebe Bolz PZ ‘24 Have you ever thought about the way light moves through water  glinting off bubbles and painting rainbows in the mist  flowing just like the water  in waves  Water does not seek to control  it just is.  Moving so freely, it plays with the rocks and pools like an old friend  it is ready to maneuver, ready to change  not as … Continue reading Reflections on a Waterfall

I Left Behind My Books

I left swimming to the mermaids. God (Freud) made us all half-man, conjoined legs, and sterilized by  sex-ed explanations of the human race. On Sunday  I left baptism to nameless sirens: uvulas wrung dry.  (The salt sours their lungs as seafoam  guzzles from their throats). Moans stretch their lips until wry like a Doxen’s snout. Dusk’s drunk fishers see bitches without bones  honed to sharpen … Continue reading I Left Behind My Books

A “Protected” Past

MEET ME IN THE One small stretch of close to should be  “Untouched” wilderness An attempt at what once was The only place I can walk to That preserves a fading past Here, I slow to remember While the rest forget by living fast My restful rebellion Is visiting our cradle-grave We grieve our dying dominance Afraid of what we “save” Sweet rare solitude Isn’t … Continue reading A “Protected” Past