Our Staff

Elyse E. ’22

Elyse Endlich ‘22 is from Needham, MA. No, she doesn’t have a Boston accent, but she’s happy to tell you all about where the Boston accent comes from and its oral posture. Oh no, you got her monologuing about linguistics again.

Em K. ’22

 Em ‘22 is mostly from California. They are a climate activist, storyteller, and hoop dancing nature nerd. Think: earthy sweetheart meets driven dominatrix. 

Hezekiah S. ’23

Hezekiah Smithstein ‘23 is from San Francisco, California. He loves writing, music, playing board games, and nature. As such, he often finds himself in the Outback, wandering the meandering trails and contemplating life.

Sabina E. ’23

Sabina Eastman ‘23 is an artist from Omaha, Nebraska. She is interested in printmaking, history, politics, and her rescue (feline) pet peeve.

Dani M. ’23

Dani Miller ‘23 is from Bethesda, Maryland. She enjoys podcasts, A24 Films, BROCKHAMPTON, and sharing her opinions with anyone who will hear them.

Alaina N. ’23

 Alaina Neuburger ‘23 is from Seattle, WA and is probably meditating right now.

Bel G. ’22

Isabel Greenberg ‘22 is a Sociology major from Boston, MA who cries at every movie she watches.

Jack F ’23

Jack Friedman ‘23 is from New York City and desperately misses bagels. The cream cheese, the everything seasoning… He also is often distracted by food and gets lost in his own thoughts. He is very undecided but planning on being a Political Science major.

Charlotte C.R. ’22

Charlotte Cowan-Ruth ‘22 is from Portland, OR. She wanted to make a Portlandia joke but wasn’t sure if it would land.

Amanda G. ’23

Amanda Gómez ‘23 is from Los Angeles, California. She calls herself Chicana even though she’s mizxed. She is also an author, writer, drummer, and likes to pretend she’s any good at comedy writing.

Maya L. ’23

Maya Levine ‘23 is from Park City, Utah and is an avid lover of dog and baking videos on Instagram. She is obsessed with glitter eyeliner, film, Halloween, and mashed potatoes (which, curiously, always make her hiccup…)

Teagan C. ’23

Teagan Cimring ‘23 is from Los Altos, CA. She loves digital arts, film, and her three dogs at home!

Reina M. ’23

Reina Matsumoto ‘23 is from Belmont, Massachusetts. She likes photography and cooking and is aggressively proud of her Spotify playlists.

Uriah C. ’22

Uriah Celaya ‘22 is from San Fernando, CA. He loves vegan baking, dying hair, scrapbooking, and anything else that results in an immense amounts of tedious cleaning.

Mariah H. ’22

Maria Hernandez ‘22 is from Cartagena, Colombia. She is a Politics and French major who spends most of her time watching TV.

Alex M. ’23

Alex Macdonald ‘23 is from Providence, Rhode Island and will probably fit that into any conversation you have with her. She’s passionate about language and studies Spanish and French but is still fully mastering English. She loves the outdoors and nature and follows exclusively cute animal accounts on Instagram.

Samir K ’21

Samir Kothari: Samir ‘21 is from Palo Alto, California. He openly admits to liking anime shows and is very into throwing music related events.

Jess D ’22

Jess Drapkin ’22 is from Boulder, Colorado. A media and arts major, Jess loves being creative. She has a love-hate relationship with bread and likes to ask too many questions.

Nina G ’23

Nina Goncharova ‘23 is from Oakland, California. She is an EA major and passionate about environmental justice. She loves hanging out with Dahlia.

Dahlia Zail ’22

Dahlia Zail ‘22 is from Marin County, California. She is an EA major and very passionate about sustainable agriculture. She also really, really, really loves sushi.