Our Staff

Elyse E. ’22, Head Manager and Founder

Elyse Endlich ‘22 is from Needham, MA. No, she doesn’t have a Boston accent, but she’s happy to tell you all about where the Boston accent comes from and its oral posture. Oh no, you got her monologuing about linguistics again.

Em K. ’22, Head Editor and Founder

Em ‘22 is mostly from Ojai, California. They are passionate about Latin American movements for food sovereignty, the art of storytelling, and co-creating beautiful meals. Think: earthy sweetheart meets driven dominatrix.

Eunice K. ’25

Eunice Kim ’25 is from Seoul, South Korea. Besides writing and editing, her other interests include podcasts, eating Asian food, hand-brewing coffee, and activism.

Emme L. ’25

Emme Laundry ’25 is from Seattle, Washington. She loves cats, cooking, and listening to audiobooks. She hates writing about herself.

Casey X. ’25

Casey Xu ‘25 has always had a hard time answering the “Where are you from?” question. She is obsessed with The Dodo and spends more time planning out her work on her calendar than doing the actual work.

Sean M. ’22

Sean Menton ‘22 is from Monrovia, California. He is interested in Philosophy of Language, Aesthetics, Herman Melville, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Friedrich Nietzsche. In his spare time he goes hunting for a strong cup of coffee by day and a good film by night.

Joanne O. ’24

Joanne Oh ‘24 is from Los Angeles, California. In her free time, she likes to contemplate her position in the universe and mention the growth mindset in every conversation she has. Also, she loves Mozzarella cheese sticks.

Jack F. ’23

Jack Friedman ‘23 is from New York City and desperately misses bagels. The cream cheese, the everything seasoning… He also is often distracted by food and gets lost in his own thoughts. He is very undecided but planning on being a Political Science major.

Tania A. ’25

Tania Azhang ‘25 is from Irvine, California. She enjoys the finer things in life: charcuterie boards, expertly pulled espresso shots, and overpriced cafes on yelp. Her biggest talking point is the absurdity of freshmen not being allowed to have cars on campus.

Hezekiah S. ’23

Hezekiah Smithstein ‘23 is from San Francisco, California. They love writing, music, playing board games, and nature. As such, they often find themself in the Outback, wandering the meandering trails and contemplating life.

Uriah C. ’22

Uriah Celaya ‘22 is from San Fernando, CA. He loves vegan baking, dying hair, scrapbooking, and anything else that results in an immense amounts of tedious cleaning.