Wealth Distributions Maps

For a CMC Linear Algebra class, Aaron Scher PZ ’22, Daniel Abalusi PZ ’22, Yilin Li PZ ’22, and Seiji Akera PZ ’23 studied wealth distributions across the US. Above are a couple images they generated that they wanted to share. The first two maps show the income distribution in the United States based on 32,000 zip codes. The students used MATLAB to generate these 3-D plots where the z axis is colored and represents median family income, and longitude/latitude are x/y. For the second part of the project, the students created a Markov model for intergenerational wealth mobility. Attached is a graph which shows the probability (y axis) of a child being in an income quintile (x axis) given that their parents are in the 1st or 100th percentile; this was for kids born in 1980-82 at age 30.

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