Reflections on a Waterfall

By Phoebe Bolz PZ ‘24

Have you ever thought about the way light moves through water 

glinting off bubbles and painting rainbows in the mist 

flowing just like the water 

in waves 

Water does not seek to control 

it just is. 

Moving so freely, it plays with the rocks and pools like an old friend 

it is ready to maneuver, ready to change 

not as stubborn as the rest of us

What if I were to think like the water? 

As in, not think at all 

just move where i am called 

flow freely, bubbling and bright 

letting the morning light dance off me

give life to others

I could be life, be full of light and little creatures that move along my belly 

feeding the moss and the bugs 

wearing away at ancient stones until they are no more than sand 

I could be a part of every living thing! 

Flowing through xylem and veins and the tiniest crevices 

No control, flowing freely. 

Photo by Maya Olson PZ ’25

One thought on “Reflections on a Waterfall

  1. This poem beautifully captures the essence of water, its fluidity, and the idea of embracing a carefree, spontaneous approach to life. The imagery of light moving through water and the comparison to being like water is quite profound. It encourages reflection on the simplicity and beauty of just “being” and allowing life to flow naturally. Well done! 🌊📜🌞

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