Nine Things My Mom Told Me To Do Everyday At Pitzer When I Was Almost Too Sad To Go Back To Claremont

By Ivy Rockmore PZ ’27

Over Fall Break, I was almost too sad to go back to Pitzer. I missed my mom. My dog. My bed. My own shower. My home friends.

But, I did it. Before hopping on the plane back to Claremont, my mom called me. Together, we wrote a list of nine things to do daily to get through to the end of the semester. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Only take courses in topics you’re actually interested in. Don’t worry about the requirements yet, just take what you love.
  2. Try to text at least two people you want to be friends with every single day.
  3. If they are lagging or you feel rejected, move on and find someone else!
  4. Move your body everyday! Power walk, treadmill, dance around your room — anything works.
  5. Email your teachers ASAP when you don’t understand.
  6. Become friends with a sophomore! Or someone at a different school.
  7. Watch the drugs (lol).
  8. Go into LA at least once before the break. Or go hiking. Take a ZipCar.
  9. Dance every day!

Although this list may seem silly, it’s still keeping me on track. It’s normal to feel lonely here, but this community has so much to offer. Take advantage 🙂

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