An Anonymous Letter to Our Beloved Community

While our community feels the earth-shattering tragedy of Jesse’s passing,

I want to share a letter I wrote to anybody who feels sad or alone:

Admittedly, things can be really hard and feel hopeless at times, but there are so many people to love you. So many forests that you’ve yet to walk through, looking up at the sunlight through the swaying leaves. So many songs to discover and dance to. So many silly moments between strangers to witness, then think about for life. So many books to read and fall into. Lists of to-watch movies to be made. There is so much still left to discover and push through for. It is worth it to be here and there is so much happiness still left to find.

Read that again.

It is worth it to be here and there is so much happiness still left to fifind. I encourage you to make a list of life’s wonders to look forward to.

Reach out. You’re not alone. You are loved.


Student Resources:

  • Monsour Counseling & Psychological Services: 909-621-8202: after hours press 1
  • 7C Health: 833-484-6359, -TalkNow
  • Crisis Text Line: text HELLO to 741-741 
  • Warm-Line: 855-845-7415
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call or text 988 
  • Trevor Life Line: 866-488-738
  • SOC Crisis Text Line- text STEVE to 741-741

Employee Resources:

  • Office of Human Resources (, 909-621-8254)
  • Employee Assistance Program (800-234-5465)

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