The Highway of Endless Truths

By Finn Sapp PZ ’26

Photo by Maya Olson PZ ’25

A highway resides outside of space and time. This foreign dimension upholds your unconscious life: the stories that slip away each night. The path runs in perpetuity. The zip of each letter, each word, each sentence rip down the road. Your dazed grip under glazed eyes cannot contend with the elusive language. Your hands become butter under the hot sun. Only a minute fraction of these keys find your eyes. Piercing through your heart the answers go. You are translucent, as the transparent success flies toward you, ergo you become void in the abyss of infinity. A null persona in the realm of truth. 

This plane has every answer, every combination to the lock that life has cursed, barring the coveted door. The questions lie in this world. The answers drift in the other. The marriage lies between, thus giving the two strange union. Inquisition and wisdom cross paths when you slip below and into oblivion’s plenitudes of everything the imagination can offer. The two worlds may coexist and collide, but no coalition between them exists. 

In this world, the questions percolate in your insular reality. They become rich, steadfast compulsions that drive you towards barren ends. These ardent desires for truth begin to dwindle away. The withering sparks of the once raging flame are extinguished. The questions asked were pure and noble. But, the slow churn of time’s insidious whip beats the light from burning within you. That light becomes its brightest when you drop out and tune in to the other side. If you pay close attention and use this light, you may catch a sliver of one of the many answers you’ve sought so dearly to find. You can become a superior being. You will have stolen from the place where you can only sojourn. 

The fleeting journey inside unconscious life reveals only the results of what it deems can be known. The questions you ponder each day are but cheap thoughts that will find a grave before you find yours. The subliminal reality in which the abundant symbols live is where you will be flattened by superfluous nonsense that will desensitize you into further depths of disillusionment and dissociation. That is, if you remain tense and blind to what you have become immersed in. In the underworld you visit, the rarity of catching a thought deters you from stepping off the ledge and into the ocean of everything that could ever be, was ever to happen, and all the ways in which you experience the now. You must leap with the touch of grace to access this pool of limitlessness. Only there can the answer to the not-yet-asked questions be obtained. 

When this world falls into the other, the unwavering truth will greet you with a cocktail of harmonious glory. Just fall away and reach for the answers that race by. No time. No worries. No distractions. Just you and the realm you cannot see at the tip of your unwavering search for meaning and substance in your measly existence. Subsequent purpose will find you when you choose to divorce yourself from obstinate normalcy and break the chain. Your disobedient, self-evident, disorderly, defiant yearning for that small gift propels you into the unknown dimension. And, from this act of destiny itself, you fall away into the highway of endless truths.

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