Column: Campus Couture Chronicles

By Willa Umansky PZ ’27

Graphic by Nozomi Shima PZ ’25

Have you ever noticed the wonderfully intimidating personal style that is constantly casually showcased all around campus? Have you ever wondered how on Earth it’s not properly documented? Likely, because everyone at Pitzer is so caught up being their own cultural icon. Don’t fear… that’s what I’m here for! Everyone is a style icon in their own right and I hope to document a plethora of our beautiful, gorgeous, and unique students, one Outback issue at a time. Here are some fantastic fall fits along with a quick quip on how each fashionista would describe their style.

“If an old man was trying to figure out how to dress in the early two thousands” -Megna ‘25
“If I had the opportunity to be my mom and dress cooler than her in the 90s” -Ayden ‘25
“He’s giving ‘headphones, sambas, skateboard’” -A friend in reference to Diego ‘26
“Discotecho rat” -Eli ‘26
“A Bohemian version of the 90s, like 90s does 70s” -Samantha ‘27
“The Paris to SoCal transfer pipeline’’-A friend in reference to Joelle ‘25

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