A “Protected” Past

Photograph by Olivia Meehan


One small stretch of close to should be 

“Untouched” wilderness

An attempt at what once was

The only place I can walk to

That preserves a fading past

Here, I slow to remember

While the rest forget by living fast

My restful rebellion

Is visiting our cradle-grave

We grieve our dying dominance

Afraid of what we “save”

Sweet rare solitude

Isn’t lonely at all

Between built and planted

I am wonderfully small 

Trading time for trust

Is just a few steps away

Teacher, mother, home

Here someday, again I’ll lay

Healed of my uprooting

Myceliial burdens buried



Pain patiently carried

This pretty preserve

Paints me pensive 

One peaceful piece

Of what once was extensive

(Inspired by The Outback Preserve)

Em Kuhn ‘22 is mostly from California. They are a climate activist, storyteller, and hoop dancing nature nerd. Think: earthy sweetheart meets driven dominatrix.


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