The Outback’s Statement On The Status Of The Arts At Pitzer College

The Outback Team wishes to express their disappointment with the underfunded status of the arts at Pitzer College. Student creators have little to no budget available to procure their supplies, student event organizers are forced to use student equipment to run events, and student spaces for creativity are either missing, scarce, or derelict (in the case of the Pitzer Music Co. Room).

The Outback Team acknowledges that we do not have the resources or economic intelligence to combat this resource deficiency. However, they encourage the Pitzer College community to support student musicians, artists, writers, and other creators through the means available to them– whether that be monetary or verbal.

The Outback Team strongly believes that support of the arts is essential to institutional progress, and urges Pitzer’s staff, faculty, administration, and students to advocate for creators, especially creators from underrepresented backgrounds, as much as they can.

Furthermore, The Outback offers itself as a platform for all artists to promote their work and be recognized or published, so long as the work in question is representative of what Pitzer students want. For more information, please contact

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